Command: Modern Air Review

Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations WOTY

Comparisons have been drawn frequently between the game that is the subject of this review, Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, and the much-loved Harpoon series. These games have many things in common such as their depth of strategy but this review will make it clear that Command is in another league altogether when it comes to its attention to almost every fathomable detail of naval warfare. From its fully three-dimensional globe-based representation of the theatre of conflict to the high-fidelity simulation of various machines of war in almost every comprehensible situation, Command truly raises the bar for developers of what it means to be able to call a game a naval warfare simulation.  

Battle Fleet 2: World War 2 in the Pacific Review

Battle Fleet 2: World War 2 in the Pacific

With Battle Fleet 2, you know exactly what you're getting: a fairly uncomplicated turn-based  warfare game focusing on the naval conflict between America and Japan during World War II. That statement may sound like the obvious is simply being stated, but when you've got the likes of ultra-realistic simulation Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations also occupying the naval warfare niche, it can be nice to know that with Battle Fleet 2, you're in for a more arcade-style experience. Available for PC and Mac as well as iOS, and Android-based mobile devices, this is a game where it's easy to be quick on the uptake and swiftly plunged into some nicely-depicted naval action.